Black Heart Foundation Scholarship 2024

In 2013, The Foundation introduced The Black Heart Scholarship Programme. This program is the structured expansion of some of The Foundation’s earlier initiatives. The Scholarship Programme grants multiple yearly bursaries to eligible candidates to support them in pursuing their educational objectives and life aspirations.

Black Heart Foundation Scholarship 2024 supports candidates’ educational endeavours primarily in the UK and the US but is open to considering work in other education resource-limited geographies. These awards have enabled the successful candidates to advance their education where they might otherwise not have been able to.

The application process is available for all levels of education, starting from preparatory education to postgraduate schooling. The bursaries can be used to cover the expenses of formal education, which includes classroom or school-based learning, and experiential education, which involves field or community-based learning.

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Since there is a high demand for scholarships, submissions that closely align with the goals of The Foundation have the best chance of being successfully accepted.

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Black Heart Foundation Scholarship 2024 Application Process:

To apply for the Black Heart Scholarship Programme, please download and submit an application pack. As part of the application, we ask for a personal summary not exceeding 1200 words. This summary should briefly outline the educational activity for which you are seeking a scholarship, explain how the scholarship aligns with The Black Heart Foundation’s goals, and present a clear case of financial need.

Ensure that you fill out all sections in the application before submitting it via email or post. For more guidance on completing the application pack, refer to our frequently asked questions (FAQs).


To apply and learn more about the Black Heart Foundation Scholarship 2024, kindly visit:

Official Website