Dean’s fellowships 2024

Every year, around fifteen new doctoral and master’s students are chosen as Deans’ Fellows because they did exceptionally well in their bachelor’s degree and show great potential in their graduate studies and future professional careers. The Deans’ Fellowships are available to U.S. citizens or permanent residents in any part of the Graduate School who meet certain criteria. These criteria include being the first in their family to attend college and having a low income, being a member of a group that is not well-represented in higher education, or having graduated from certain types of institutions like historically black colleges or universities.

If someone is part of the Ronald E. McNair programs in the United States, they automatically meet the requirements for the Deans’ Fellowships. Those chosen as Deans’ Fellows receive higher stipends compared to the standard University stipend. Doctoral students get a 12-month stipend ranging from $34,875 to $40,000, while master’s students receive a 9-month stipend of $20,000. The amount of tuition scholarship support varies depending on the program, and it is awarded by that program.

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Tuition Offering

Dependent on program

Living Expense Offering

Stipend for doctoral students of $34,875 to $40,000, according to program, on a 12-month basis for up to five years; Stipend for master’s students of $20,000 on a 9-month basis.

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Health Insurance Offering

Full coverage of the University’s health insurance premium cost.


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