University of Bristol Post-Graduate Scholarship 2024

Are you interested in pursuing higher education Abroad, with scholarship funds in 2024, and in Bristol? Then you can look no further than the University of Bristol Post-Graduate Scholarship 2024.  In this article, we will explain in detail the University of Bristol Post-Graduate Scholarship, its benefits and the step-by-step application process.

University of Bristol Post-Graduate Scholarship 2024 is student from Hong Kong going to Bristol for a postgraduate Master’s degree that lasts up to two years in any subject. It’s meant to help with the tuition fees for the University, and the maximum amount it covers is £15,000 per program. You can apply for the scholarship now.

The Hong Kong Branch of the Bristol University Alumni Association is offering a scholarship to a suitably qualified student from Hong Kong going to Bristol for post-graduate studies in the academic year commencing in September 2024.

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To be eligible for the scholarship, you must:

(a) Have strong connections with Hong Kong and plan to return there for your career after finishing the postgraduate program at the University of Bristol.

(b) Demonstrate the ability to excel in higher-level studies, typically by having excellent academic results in your undergraduate studies.

(c) Show that your family’s financial situation allows for maintenance costs of about £13,000, plus return airfare. You might face challenges covering the full tuition fees.

(d) While having work experience after your Bachelor’s degree is preferred, it’s not mandatory for application. Candidates with or without work experience can apply.

Preference is given to candidates without prior study experience in the UK. If the Hong Kong Alumni Scholarship is crucial for your financial support, mention it in Section 3 of the Application for Admission to Postgraduate Study.

Complete FORM 1 and FORM 2, and submit them electronically to Dr. Raymond YUEN at by March 18th, 2024. Include confidential financial information and a statement explaining why you chose the course at Bristol.

Also, submit the completed Application for Admission to Postgraduate Work and two academic references to the appropriate Faculty Office at the University of Bristol, Tyndall Avenue, Bristol, BS8 1TH. If you’ve already submitted an Application for Admission, provide the submission date.

Shortlisted candidates will be invited for interviews in Hong Kong in April or May. Attendance in person is mandatory. Conditional decisions will be communicated to all candidates within two weeks after the interview.

The Hong Kong Alumni Scholarship covers tuition fees, up to a maximum of £15,000, payable to the University.


To apply and learn more about the University of Bristol Post-Graduate Scholarship 2024, kindly visit:

Official Website