Who is 60fero?

About Me

Welcome to my corner of the web! I’m happy to have you here. Allow me to introduce myself:

Who Am I?

60fero, also known as Osarfo Michael Darteh is a Ghanaian blogger, and an expert in providing information and links about Animals at 60feroforever.com, I love to share what I know and learn with others, that’s why I created 60feroforever.com to share what I know. My blogging journey began in 2023 when I decided to create 60feroforever.com. Since then, I’ve been passionately writing content online, constantly exploring, learning, and growing.

What Do I Do?

In a nutshell, I love sharing what I know with others Whether it’s advice or legit information about animals, I’m dedicated to delivering excellence in every endeavour.

What Can You Expect From My Website?

This website serves as a platform where I share insights, experiences, and knowledge about Animals. Expect to find animal information, aimed at helping people around the world.

My Mission

My mission is simple: to provide useful information on animals.

Let’s Connect

I’m always eager to connect with fellow enthusiasts, learners, and collaborators. Feel free to reach out through my WhatsApp Number +233551056579. Let’s embark on this journey together!

Thank you for stopping by. I hope you find value and inspiration within these digital walls. Here’s to learning, growing, and making a difference together!

Full Name: Osarfo Michael Darteh

Date Of Birth: 5th May

Education: Oda Senior High, University Of Cape Coast

Occupation: Blogger, Webmaster, Freelancer, Graphics Designer, Farmer, etc.