How To Stop Wild Rabbits From Digging Holes

Wild rabbits are adorable creatures that add a touch of nature to our surroundings. However, they can also be destructive to our gardens and lawns. One of the most common problems that rabbit owners face is the digging of holes in the ground.

These holes can be dangerous to both humans and pets as they can cause injuries. If you are dealing with this problem, don’t worry, there are some simple steps that you can take to stop wild rabbits from digging holes. You can also check How To Stop Rabbits From Making Nests In Yard.

In this article, we will discuss some of these steps in detail.

Ways To Stop Wild Rabbits From Digging Holes

  • Install a Fence
  • Use Repellents
  • Remove Attractants
  • Fill in Existing Holes
  • Use Traps

What are wild rabbits?

Wild rabbits are small mammals that belong to the family Leporidae, and they are found in various habitats around the world. They typically have long ears, powerful hind legs, and soft fur, which can vary in colouration depending on the species and environment.
Wild rabbits are herbivores, primarily feeding on grasses, herbs, and occasionally bark and twigs. They are known for their agility and speed, which they use to evade predators. In the wild, they play important roles in ecosystems as both prey and herbivores, contributing to nutrient cycling and vegetation management.

How To Stop Wild Rabbits From Digging Holes

1. Install a Fence

One of the most effective ways to keep wild rabbits away from your garden or lawn is by installing a fence. You can use a standard garden fence that is at least 2 feet high or a chicken wire fence that is at least 3 feet high. Make sure that the fence is buried at least 6 inches into the ground to prevent rabbits from digging underneath it. Also, ensure that the fence is tight to the ground to prevent rabbits from squeezing through.

2. Use Repellents

Another way to deter wild rabbits from digging holes is by using repellents. You can use natural repellents like garlic, chilli powder, and vinegar. Simply sprinkle these around your garden or lawn to keep rabbits away. You can also use commercial repellents that are specifically designed to keep rabbits away. These are available in most garden centres and are easy to use.

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3. Remove Attractants

Wild rabbits are attracted to certain plants and vegetables. If you have these in your garden, rabbits will likely be attracted to them and start digging holes. To prevent this, remove any attractants from your garden or lawn. You can also plant less attractive plants that rabbits tend to avoid.

4. Fill in Existing Holes

If you already have holes in your garden or lawn, fill them in as soon as possible. This will prevent rabbits from using them as a shelter and stop them from digging more holes. Simply fill the holes with soil and pack it down firmly.

5. Use Traps

As a last resort, you can use traps to catch wild rabbits. However, it’s important to note that trapping rabbits can be dangerous and should only be done by experienced professionals. If you do decide to use traps, make sure that you follow the instructions carefully.

Why do Rabbits dig holes?

Some reasons why rabbits dig holes are,

  1. It is an instinct that they possess as it helps them to survive in the wild. Rabbits are burrowing animals, and they dig holes to create a safe and secure shelter for themselves and their young ones. They typically dig shallow holes to hide from predators or to escape from extreme weather conditions like hot sun or rain.
  2. Environmental factors can also contribute to rabbits digging holes. For example, rabbits may dig holes to access food or water sources that are underground, like roots or tubers.
  3. Rabbits may dig holes in the soil to help aerate it, making it easier for plants to grow. Additionally, rabbits may dig holes in search of a mate during breeding season.
  4. Rabbits dig holes as an instinct to create a safe shelter, access food and water, escape from predators, and find a mate. Environmental factors and boredom can also contribute to their digging behaviour.

Final Thoughts

Wild rabbits can be an annoyance when they start digging holes in your garden or lawn. However, there are several steps that you can take to prevent this from happening. By installing a fence, using repellents, removing attractants, filling in existing holes, and using traps (as a last resort), you can keep your garden and lawn safe and free from wild rabbit holes.